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Membership Contract

The membership agreement for website

1. The Parties

This membership agreement is between Binoplus software Company which is located in
Papuçcularneighbourhood, Çıracılar Street, No: 29/1 Adapazarı/SAKARYA- Turkey, and the
‘member’ who is agreeing to all our website term of use, our privacy policy and every other
condition in this agreement and all its attachments.

By registering as a member of our website, you are agreeing that you have read this
agreement with all its attachments, fully understood it and accepted the terms of this
Membership Agreement

2. Definitions

Binoplus: BINOPLUS Software Industry Domestic and Foreign Trade Limited Company
Website: The domain and the subdomain which creates website.
User: Any legal entity or an individual who accesses the website online
Member: Any individual or institutional, natural or legal person who is a member of the Site
and benefits from the Services our website offers under the terms and conditions set forth in
this agreement

Corporate Member: A member of this Site who is engaged in commercial activities benefiting
from the services offered on the Site within the terms of this Membership Agreement.
Binoplus’s Services Briefly:Binoplus operates the online electronic commerce platform domain which brings the domestic companies of every sector, the foreign
commercial companies and merchants those with commercial and non-commercial purposes
from various countries all together in one platform which gives them all different kinds of
business opportunities like trading, requesting and offering products.
Binoplus Interface: The content created by Binoplus and the paid members for the users to
view and the internet pages which give the commands for the computer program to perform all
kinds of processes knowing that all the copyrights of the designs on the website belong
toBinoplus according to the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works No.5846.
Binoplus Database: The database which copyrights is protected by the Law on Intellectual and
Artistic Works No.5846 is where the content which can be attained through the website is
stored, sorted, queried and accessed.

3. The Scope of the Agreement

The purpose of this agreement is to set out the duties, responsibilities of all the parties and the
terms of benefitting from our services
The scope contains all declarations; the explanations, writings and warnings which are made by
Binoplus in the agreement and all its attachments concerning the services, membership and
usage of the website.
The user becomes a member by accepting and agreeing to all the terms of this agreement and
all the declarations made by Binoplusconcerning the services, membership and usage of the

4. The Terms and Conditions of Website Use and Membership

Membership shall be completed by sending the necessary information to the Site by the person
who wants to become a member and getting the registration process approved by Binoplus.
The paid membership shall be signed up after paying the registration fee.
In order to become a member of the website, the user must be over eighteen years old, the
legal entity must be authorized to represent the legal person or institution and shall not be
banned by Binoplus temporarily from membership or prohibited from membership for an
indefinite period. If these terms are not met the membership will not be granted.
Binoplus may, at any time, terminate this agreement unilaterally, without notice, without
compensation, and without delay, and may terminate or suspend the membership. An example
of this is the case of breaking or not complying to any of the rules specified on the site.
Once you enter the site and start using it, performing any of the actions below will be
considered as a breach of the agreement. On top of all conditions, members will not use the
website in a way which violates the law and morals.
 Listing of products, services and content in the wrong category.
 The use of the Website to create, check, update or modify databases, records or
contacts on behalf of any person.
 Breaching of the law, the violation of the rights of a third person and/or this agreement.
 The presentation of counterfeit goods or the violation of a third party’s copyright and/or
industrial property rights such as trademark.
 The use of the website despite having one’s membership suspended or not having the
legal capacity to perform legal transactions (such as being under 18 years old).
 The manipulation of prices or the intervention of the listing of other users.
 The placement of deceptive, misleading, incomplete and incorrect.
 The use of the Website or any part of it for the purpose of harming, altering or reverse
engineering the site.
 The transfer of a user’s account or name without the written approval of Binoplus.
 Sending Spams, unrequested grouped electronic communication or a chain of emails.
 Spreading or distribution of viruses or technologies that may harm the Site or its users:
Members are obliged to carry out any operations on the Website without causing any
technical damage to the Website. Members must guarantee that they are going to take
all precautions like having licensed products and protection software to make sure that
the information, content and materials they are uploading to the website contain no
viruses, unlicensed products or anything that would hard the website. In addition to
that, members must agree to not be logged in to their profile or page automatically or
by a robot.
 Performing any operation using wrong information or someone else’s information.
Creating unreal membership by using false personal information like a wrong residence
address, e-mail address, contact or bank account information and using these accounts
in a way which breaches the membership agreement. Using another member’s account
without permission or/and even being a part of using someone’s name.
 Damaging the system or the infrastructure of the website.
 Logging into the website automatically or by a robot for any reason.
 Collecting or hiding the personal information or the e-mails of other members without a
written preapproval from the members themselves.
 Reselling, sharing, distributing, reproducing or performing any work on any intellectual
and/or industrial property of the website (including but not limited to designs, texts,
pictures, html codes or any other codes)
 Using a user/member name similar to the website’s trademark and name or choosing a
username which breaches the copyrights of another party.
if you are signing up to the website as a legal entity, you should guarantee that you are
authorized to represent the institution, otherwise, you agree to be personally liable and
responsible for all the financial obligations and other liabilities.
By signing this contract, you acknowledge and agree that Binoplus has the right to keep,
monitor and track all communications between users and members through the site
and to keep all records for these content for at least 3 years as required by law.
 The manipulation of the website’s mechanism by transferring money from and to one’s
profile or an acquainted one without the actual buying or selling of a product or a
Binoplus reserves all rights and remedies available to peruse any legal actions and rights, incase
of any violations of the term of use mentioned in this membership agreement. In the event of
the members or the visitors breaching any of the terms and conditions of this contract, they will
be personally responsible for all the consequences.

5. The Rights and Obligations of the Parties

a) The user must acknowledge that they have read, understood and agreed to the terms
and conditions mentioned in this agreement and guarantee that they are going to
comply with all the regulations mentioned in the membership agreement and the
website while creating their account, using the site or benefitting from any of its

b) The members and Binoplus are legally independent parties. There is no partnership,
representation or employee-employer relationship between them. And it does not
emerge by signing or implementing this user agreement.

c) If Binoplus is legally obliged to make a statement to the authorities, it is entitled to
disclose the confidential, private and commercial information of members. Therefore,
members must agree and guarantee no compensation shall be claimed for this reason
under any name. In addition to that, if Binoplus is notified that a person’s or an
institution’s rights are violated by the advertisements of another member on the site
and that this person or institution is perusing their legal rights, Binoplus is entitled to
give this member’s or legal entity’s information to the other party.

d) Username and password information that is required by the member to access the
pages provided for use and to perform actions through the Website is created by the
member him/herself and the member is solely responsible for the security and
confidentiality of the information in question. Members must acknowledge, agree and
guarantee that any activity which has been made by their username has been made by
him/herself and that the member is taking full responsibility for all the actions made by
his/her account in advance. Thus,the member assures that no pleas or objections are
going to be made stating that the actions which have been performed by their accounts
have not been made by them personally. Consequently, they will not evade or elude any
resulted obligations. Binoplus is not responsible directly or indirectly for any harm or
damages caused by another member.

e) Members cannot transfer the rights and responsibilities arising from this contract
without a previous written approval from Binoplus.

f) Members acknowledge and assure that the information and contents provided by them
within the site are accurate and legally compliant. Just as Binoplus is not responsible for
guaranteeing the accuracy and authenticity of the information and content sent to
Binoplus or uploaded to the website by the users or the members, Binoplus is also not
responsible for any harm caused by this information in case it is false or incomplete
because based on the Turkish Electronic Commerce Law number 6563, Binoplusholds
the role of “Intermediary Service Provider”. According to the Turkish Electronic
Commerce Law no. 6563 article 9/1 the service providers and the intermediary
service providers in e-commerce based on article 6/4 are not liable or obligated to
check the accuracy and authenticity of the content provided and uploaded by a
natural person or a legal entity to the electronic media or platform and also are not
responsible for investigating whether there is any illegal activity or situation related to
the content, goods or services in question. However, even if it does not have such
responsibility, theevaluation is completely up to Binoplus; it has the right to access,
check, erase and block whatever content it wants whenever it wants if it deems it
necessary. Any person who violates the rights of Binoplus or a third party with any
visual, written or any other content published on the Website is held accountable to
Binoplus and/or the third party.

g) Beneficiaries of the services provided by Binoplus and the users of the site may only use
the site for legitimate purposes. Members are responsible for all legal and criminal
liabilities resulting from their actions on the website. They must also assure that they
will not compete with Binoplus directly or indirectly and that they will not copy,
reproduce, distribute or perform any actions on the texts, pictures, videos, audios, files,
databases, catalogues and lists on the website in a way that might harm or violate the
rights or goods of a third party or Binoplus. Binoplus is not responsible directly or
indirectly for any harm or damage that might be caused to a third party by some
member’s actions that violate the law or the terms of use stated in this membership
agreement. Using the content and materials of the website in any way that was not
already determined in this contract is absolutely prohibited.

h) Binoplus, Binoplus employees and managers are not responsible for the services and the
content posted on the Site provided by a third party, including the members.The
legalization and the accuracy of the information, contents, visual and auditory images
provided by any third party are all the responsibility of those who perform these
actions. Binoplus does not guarantee the security, integrity, correctness and legitimacy
of the services and contents provided by third parties including members.

i) Binoplus permits paid members to use the interface and view advertisements on the
site only in order to see the content of relevantadvertisements. Trying to reach the
advertisements or part of them through the database for other purposes, copying,
publishing them on another medium directly or indirectly, editing, linking them or
performing any other actions is not allowed nor consented. Binoplus reserves all rights
and remedies available to peruse any legal actions and rights, in case of using the
database for a purpose that was not mentioned in this article as it is considered a
violation of the rights.

j) Users acknowledge and assure that they will not manipulate the mechanism of the
website by transferring money between one’s own membership account or an
acquainted one. Otherwise, they agree on compensating any damages caused to

k) The membership of the sellers who offer banned products to sell and/or the ones who
sell something which breaches the terms mentioned in the contract may get suspended
or terminated by Binoplus. Binoplus shall examine all the appeals which claim that their
trademark or any other intellectual and industrial property rights have been breached.
Based on the results of the appeal, Binoplus reserves all the rights to remove the list of
the user’s products or services and suspend or terminate the user’s membership if

l) Users hereby acknowledge, declare and promise that this User Agreement is valid at any
time during the course of using the website even through the mobile phone.

m) You expressly acknowledge, declare and guarantee that Binoplus may sell and rent your
personal information to domestic and foreign third parties to be used in marketing
activities.Binoplus will be able to use your personal information, other user’s
information and the information it collected from other companies all combined to
improve and personalize its services, content and promotions. In addition, Binoplus may
send promotions for marketing purposes that have been set as a result of the
negotiations with third parties. If you do not wish to receive these promotions or to
participate in the advertising-personalization program, you may forward your requests
to Binoplus by changing your relevant settings on the Site or by following the
instructions included in the electronic mail.

n) Binoplus has always the right to close, delete or remove the products, services and
content on the website. It can use this right without any prior notice. And the seller has
no right to claim compensation if Binoplus removed his/her products or services.
corporate and individual members are obliged to instantly perform any changes and/or
adjustments requested by Binoplus and if these changes and adjustments were deemed
necessary Binoplus can perform them itself. Damage, civil and criminal liabilities arising
from the failure of the corporate and Individual members to perform the changes
requested by Binoplus in due time is entirely the responsibility of the corporate and
Individual members themselves.

o) Acting on its own initiative, Binoplusgives its members the opportunity to receive
notification and promotional messages created by Binoplus. Members acknowledge and
declare that they approve receiving all kind of notification and promotional messages
sent by Binoplus on all devices using the website including the mobile phone. The
members have the right to change the settings of receiving these notifications and
promotional messages from settings on one’s user account.

p) The name-surname/trade name, phone number, e-mail address, address, business type
and other information that was required while signing up the corporate or
personalmembership accounts,in addition to the purposes and scope determined by the
Membership Agreement, may be used by Binoplus in conducting communication
activities to send notification and promotional messages through S.M.S, e-mail, website
notification centre or any other methods. This information can be also used in
researches, marketing, statistical analysis, getting in contact with members if necessary,
conducting researches in order to improve processes, setting up the database and
conducting market research. Binoplus can as well send this information to companies; it
is in business with and it can be processed and used by these companies.

q) Members cannot under any circumstances transfer their own membership account to
another member and they cannot allow any other member to use it. In case a member
transferred his/her own account to another or allowed someone else to use it, the
member acknowledges and agrees that Binoplus has the right to terminate this
membership contract and the member’s account without any prior notice.

r) The members acknowledge, declare and guarantee that they will immediately
compensate Binoplus for any damages caused by any breach of the regulations
mentioned in this Agreement.

s) You acknowledge, guarantee and promise that you accept and will act according to the
terms of use and all the regulations mentioned in this agreement specially the ones
related to taxes, customs, export, import, consumer protection, electronic commerce,
competition, advertising and intellectual and industrial copyrights.

t) Binoplus reserves the right to change, alter, replace or otherwise modify the terms of
use of this agreement at any time by publishing these changes on
The regulations, terms of use and policies on our website can change from time to time.
The validation of the changes is based on the date of its last modification stated on the
mobile application or website.
if you breach or violate this contract or/and any of its legal reforms, you hereby acknowledge
and agree that you will besolelyliable and responsible for carrying out all the actions required
by Binoplusas consequence of violating the regulations.

6. Meetings Between Buyers/Providers and Sellers

Binoplus offers a platform which allows buyers and sellers to trade products and services on the
site, it also gives them the opportunity to have mutual exclusive negotiations and meetings on
these issues. Binoplus does not represent neither the seller nor the buyer in private
negotiations.Binopluscannot control and is not responsible for the availability, safety or quality
of products or services on the Site from the presence of products and services exhibited for sale
and/or promotional purposes, the presence of the purchaser or the buyer’s consignee for the
completion of a sale.

Each User / Member fully agrees to the risks existing in the transactions using the Site,
therefore, fully claim the responsibility of the possible risks of liability or damage of various
products or services using the Site.These risks are not only limited to risks which may include
misinterpretation of products or services, fraudulent designs, unsatisfactory quality,
unacceptable product characteristics, damaging or hazardous products, illegal products,
delivery or overdue delays, incorrect cost analysis or failure to fulfil the guarantee.These risks
also include the risks of production, transportation, distribution, proposals, representations,
purchases, sales or damages to the products or services displayed on the site. Third Parties may
claim that their rights have been violated as well. In that case the members have the
responsibility to incur the costs of defending themselves or to incur other costs associated with
the Third-Party Rights claim. Similar risks may also include charges from consumers, buyers,
end-users or others for damages or problems resulting from the use of products sold on the
Site provided by the users. The risks mentioned above will now be referred to as “Transaction
Risks”. The risks mentioned above will now be referred to as “Transaction Risks”. Each User
agrees that BINOPLUS shall not be held liable for any loss of business, inconvenience, damages,
costs or obstacles related to or resulted by Transactional Risks.


7. Members in the Sale and Purchase Demands and Announcements

These members expressly acknowledge, declare and guarantee the following:
– You are authorized to list and sell products and/or services on the site, you are the
ownership of the products you have listed, you own the peaceable possession of the
product, have the absolute right and authority and that there is no legal or practical
obstacle to the sale of the products or services by you.
– The products and/or services you place on the market are legal and compatible with all the
regulations, there is no obstacle to place these services and products on the internet, sell
them or even display and offer them, they are original, not altered or deteriorated.
– You are authorized to use the trademarks, logos and other content related to the products
and / or services and to provide the licenses contained in this contract.
– You will not defraud other users on the site and will not be a part of fraudulent plans or
other illegal actions.
– All the products have been subject to customs formalities in accordance with the customs
legislation and regime of the Republic of Turkey and that they have entered through the
free movement of goods.
– You are giving Binoplus a non-exclusive authority which is valid during the term of the
contract, to use all the content related to the product or/and service which is protected by
the Law of Intellectual Property Rights or any other related laws, such as; trademark, logo,
pictures, technical specifications, prices or any other information which can be used in
advertising and promoting these products or/and services by processing, copying,
publishing, advertising, representing or republishing them by wire or wireless broadcasting
organizations, such as, TV channels, internet promotional messages, radio-television,
satellite and cable, or by means of signals, sound and/or visual transmission, including
digital transmission; republishing and presenting them through digital means such as the
internet, smart phones or any other technological means at the time of signing this contract
or even in the future to reach the public or a third-party locally or internationally without
content or number limitations.

– Sellers acknowledge and guarantee that the product/products offered to be sold are
compatible with the legislation in force, the terms and conditions of use of the Site and the
Services offered on the Site, as determined by the terms of the Membership Agreement or
at a certain place on the site.

– Binoplus may when it deems necessary without the need for prior notice, file a complaint to
the Public Prosecutor and the relevant inspection and regulatory bodies for the necessary
legal action to be taken against a Member (especially in stolen, illegal and/or fake product
sales).Members accept and guarantee not to hold Binoplus accountable or ask for any
compensation for any harm or damage they encountered as a result of Binoplus’s complaint
or/and in the process of obtaining information related to the sale of prohibited products
and services.

– You are responsible for the content, the legislation and contemporary of the products
or/and services you provide and the proper listing of the products and/or services subject
to legal restrictions.

– Products and/or services that are on the list of prohibited products and/or services which
are forbidden to sell in accordance with legal regulations or which will become prohibited in
the future cannot be offered for sale.

– You agree and guarantee that Binoplus is not liable for any legal proceedings, investigations
or proceedings directed against Binoplusrelated to the products and/or services you offer to
the sale or for the transactions you perform on the site, and you guarantee that you will
provide Binoplus with all information and documentation necessary to defend itself.

– It is prohibited to sell products which have entered Turkey without the customs formalities
or in a way contrary to the customs legislation and regime in force at the site.Members who
reside abroad are subject to customs clearance and products which did not get in the free
movement of goods are not allowed to be sold or displayed on the site.Binoplus has the
right to remove any product that has not been subject to the customs regulations by
members attempting to sell the product as an overseas sale. and the listing fees of this
product will not be refunded.

– The member who places his/her product on the site acknowledges that all legal
responsibilities concerning these products are the sole responsibility of the individual and
Binoplus is not in a direct or indirect way, under any name, responsible for the product’s
sale or display on the site.

– Binoplus may use the “Member” content and information for some statistics as they wish
while maintaining its responsibility of protecting the member’s security. This content and
information can be classified and stored in the database.

– Binoplus has the right to control the content of messages and disregard them whenever it
wants if they are contrary to the functioning of the Site, the law, the rights of others, the
terms of the contract or the general rules of morality. Binoplus may terminate this message
and the membership of the member who entered this message without the need to notify

– You will not advertise anything which violates any legislation, including, but not limited to,
the protection of consumers, intellectual property, unfair competition and advertisers and
the advertisements will not include any pictures, videos, etc. which violates these

– Members may publish their advertisements on the site along with the detailed content and
information determined by him/her in the related sections on the website as long as it is
according to the limits we determine.In order to be able to publish advertisements in the
manner specified in this article, the member has to accept, declare and guarantee to pay
the prices stated in the relevant part of the website and to comply with the rules and
conditions stated in this contract.

8. Payment

Access to the site and use of some features are open to all members. However, Binoplus may
limit access to site features or certain areas (Paid Services) without prior notice for paid
users/members or members with special granted memberships.
Binoplus will declare the service fees and payment conditions in the relevant sections of the
site for services and membership packages that are stated to be paid within the scope of the
contract or the site.Changes to the service fees will be effective 3 days after the change is
announced and will be effective until the expiration date of the campaign if there is a campaign
related to the fee.Unless otherwise is stated on the site, all fees to be paid for Paid Services and
Paid Membership Packages will be calculated and charged in US Dollars (USD).

9. Other Provisions

• Limitation of Liability
As stated many times before in the present contract, Binoplus do not represent nor guarantees
the content and information displayed on the site nor its validity, accuracy, reliability, quality,
stability, integrity or whether the information is up-to-date or not.Binoplus does not guarantee
the production, transportation, distribution, proposal, display, purchases or sales of any
product or service displayed or proposed on the website. It does not also guarantee whether
the rights of a third party would be violated or not by using these products or services. Binoplus
does not guarantee any products or services displayed and offered on the site.
Any material provided or downloaded from the site is the sole initiative and risk of each and
every user/member. Every member and user is solely responsible for any loss of data or any
damage to the computer system that may result from any downloaded materials.There is no
guarantee for any written or verbal information or recommendation provided by the
users/members through Binoplus or the website.

• Intellectual Property Rights
Any and all intellectual property rights of the Site (including design, text, image, html code and
any other content, including but not limited to any brand, design, logo, commercial
presentation, slogan and any other content created by Binoplus, ) (Including works subject to
copyright of Binoplus) are owned by Binoplus and/or under license bought from a third party by

Users and members shall not resell, share, distribute, display, duplicate, create derivative work,
or authorize others to access or use any of Binoplus ‘s Services, information and Binoplus’ s
copyrighted works; Otherwise, these users and members must reimburse and buy for all direct
and indirect damages of third parties and Binoplus, including but not limited to licensors.
in case it is not explicitly and clearly authorized by Binoplus; Binoplus reserves all rights to
Binoplus services, Binoplus information, Binoplus’s copyright works, Binoplus trademarks,
Binoplus commercial appearance, or other assets and information provided through this portal.

• Contract Amendments
Binoplus can, single-sided based on its own estimation and judgment, amend the terms and
conditions of this membership contract, privacy policy on the website and any other policy or
agreement at any time by advertising it on the website as long as it is not contrary to the terms
and conditions of the legislation in force.The amended provisions of the Membership
Agreement will become effective on the date they are announced on the Website and the
remaining provisions will remain in effect as they were. This Membership Agreement cannot be
changed or amended single-sided by the Members.

• Compelling Reasons
Binoplus shall not be held liable for not fulfilling any of the obligations resulting from this
Membership Agreement or was delayed in fulfilling them because of compelling reasons which
occur outside the control of Binoplus, are not a result of Binoplus’s mistake or flaw and cannot
be possibly or reasonably foreseen such as; rebellion, embargo, state intervention, occupation,
war, mobilization, strike, lockout, worker-employer conflicts such as labour acts or boycotts,
cyber-attacks, communication problems, infrastructure and internet failures, damages caused
by system improvements, power failure, fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, migration,
epidemic or other natural disasters. And this shall not be considered a violation of this
Membership Agreement.

• Relevant Legal Authority
This Membership Agreement shall be governed exclusively by the laws of the Republic of
Turkey. Any dispute arising from or related to this Membership Contract shall be in the
exclusive jurisdiction of SAKARYA Courts and the Enforcement Offices of SAKARYA.

• Evidential Contract
The Member acknowledges that in the disputes that may arise from this Membership
Agreement, the official books and commercial records of Binoplus and the e-archive records,
electronic information and computer records kept on their servers in Binoplus database shall be
considered as a binding, certain and exclusive evidence and that based on this article and
Article 193 of Law No. 6100 on Civil Law, it is considered an evidential contract.

• Notifications
Binoplus will contact the Members by sending an SMS, calling their number or via sending an
email to the e-mail address that the Member has provided at the time of registration. The
Members are obliged to keep their e-mail addresses and telephone numbers up-to-date.

• Integrity and Divisibility of Membership Contract
This Membership Agreement constitutes the entire relationship and understanding between
the Parties concerning the issue. If any provision of this Membership Agreement is determined
to be fully or partly invalid or unenforceable by any court of competent jurisdiction or
administrative authority, this Membership Contract shall be deemed divisible since it excludes
the invalid, unenforceable and unreasonable provision from this contract and the other
provisions remain in full force and effect.

• Termination of Contract
This User Membership Contract shall remain in effect as long as the User / Member is a
member of the Site and will continue to have consequences and effects between the parties;
The termination shall be deemed when the membership of the User/Member is expired or is
temporarily or permanently suspended.Binoplus will be able to unilaterally terminate the
Membership Agreement in the event that Members and Users violate this Membership
Agreement and/or similar rules and regulations mentioned on the website regarding terms of
use, membership or services. As a result of this termination, the Members and users will be
liable to compensate Binoplus for all the damages it experiences.
Natural persons and legal entities shall apply the provisions of Turkish Commercial Code for
merchants or tradesmen.

Our commercial members who think that the service they have received is defective or
defaulted and want to use their rights under Articles 219-222, 223 of the Turkish Code of
Obligations and Article 23 of the Turkish Commercial Code, are obliged under article 18/3 of
the Turkish Commercial Code to notify us via notary public, registered mail, telegraphy or
secure electronic signature using registered electronic mail system about the termination of the
contract or anything they will do against us According to Article 219 of the Turkish Code of Obligations, the Seller shall be liable for the inability to sell the qualifications notified in any way to the buyer. It is also responsible for the
financial, legal or economic defects which are contrary to the quantity, quality or which reduces
the value of use and expectations of the buyer.

If our members are clearly aware of the presence of a default such as the one described in this
article, once they purchased the package, they should notify us by telephone, e-mail, text
messaging, and any other communication means in 2 days.This default will be repaired by our
company within 1 week of the notice
If it is unclear that the service is defective, the member must review or inspect it within 8 days
of purchasing the package, and if it appears that the service is defective, the member is obliged
to notify us within the same period of time, as in 2 days.If the default is detected after a long
period of use of the membership package, the member has to inform us immediately.

• Cancellation of Membership
Users/Members who will not be present in the purchase orders nor the sale offers and who did
not purchase any paid packages can cancel their membership at any time they please.
Natural or legal persons who are merchants or traders and will be present in the purchase
orders and sale offers and who purchased paid packages will not be able to unilaterally
terminate the contract and cancel their membership without prejudice to the provisions related
to Turkish Commercial Code and the Turkish Code of Obligations (provisions related to
defective services). Because the merchants are not considered to be short-sighted nor thought
that they do not have enough information about their business.Detailed and comprehensive
information about Membership packages is available on our site. That is why it is not
considered valid and not accepted legally nor by our company that the merchants who bought
the package did not read these regulations, do not have detailed information about the
package contents or that the packages they have purchased, have failed to meet their

• Commercial Electronic Message
We require some personal information (name, surname, company/corporate information,
phone number, e-mail address, address, etc.) from our users during the membership phase or
while filling any form on the site. we can use these personal details such as name, surname,
telephone number, address, e-mail, etc. for our legal purposes other than the ones already
mentioned in the contract such as publicity, promoting our services and products, advertising
offers, marketing our business, communication activities for advertising and notifying,
marketing and promotion activities, statistical analysis, or getting in touch with the member
and even sending wishes on occasions.We may also send commercial electronic messages to
you for promotion, advertising, marketing, informing activities and other purposes regarding
our business partners, affiliates or third parties.By accepting this contract, you expressly
acknowledge and accept our request to send commercial electronic communications to you for
such activities.Personal data may also be transferred to and processed by the firms that
Binoplus is cooperating with for the purposes of conducting research to improve the processes
of, database creation, promotion, advertising, market research and for
other legal purposes.You grant permission and consent to transmit your personal data to the
natural person and/or legal entity with whom Binoplus cooperates with for market research
and database creation, research and advertising activities with the aim of improving the
purposes and processes of Binoplus.

Users, after they have completed their membership registration can stop, refuse, or change
their commercial message medium settings for free at any time on the relevant section on
their page.

Users acknowledge that by accepting this agreement, they agree that Binoplus may use
member/user’s information including, but not limited to, personal ones and can transfer them
to third parties, in accordance with the regulations of the Privacy Policy.
This Membership Contract goes into effect and force by accepting it electronically after the
Member reads each provision, term and condition and fully understand them.

Attachment1 Confidentiality Agreement
Attachment 2 Prohibited and Restricted goods to be Listed or Offered for Sale