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Your new partner to
  • be visible
  • be reachable
  • be operational
  • to be global
  • be visible
  • be reachable


To be the most preferred business partner
in domestic and international trade known
by its holistic honesty, professional team
and qualified partners.


To enhance our business partners’ ability and
open them up to national and international markets.

Aynokom-Emlak(Real Estate) is emerged from fast growing potential of Turkey , Middle east and Africa. Aynokom real estate services combining the real estate markets in surrounding regions.

Having a reliable source of local information for international buyers is the most important factor to win while investing on other markets. As it is clear that true and reliable information is important, having a strong understanding of market is also key to succeed on knowing and comparing all the available options and making the right decision.

Aynokom real estate services provides a global visibility for the portfolio of its professional partners but also can conduct market research for special demands. We also provide a reliable expertise for you before any purchasing decision is made. We are here to secure your earning decision proactively.

Why Aynokom Emlak ?

Aynokom Group

We have full confidence that Aynokom is capable of providing the best services for the entrepreneurs and companies in opening them to new markets and gaining corporate identity and global visibility which will deliver much stronger and integrated economy in Turkey and the neighboring regions.

Aynokom Real Estate was built to trigger your successes

Make more calls, plan more audiences and get more commissions